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  • How long will it take for my package to arrive?
    Orders are processed within 1-3 business days from receipt of payment. Business days are Monday-Friday Orders placed after 6pm EST will be processed the next business day We currently use USPS priority mail which takes approximately 2 to 3 business days to arrive once shipped. You should receive your order within 5 to 7 business days from receipt of payment
  • What is your return policy?
    Due to the nature of our all natural products, we cannot assure the purity of merchandise once it has been shipped. For safety and hygiene reasons this merchandise cannot be restocked or resold so we do not accept returns. We know it can be difficult to order new skin care products online which is why we offer trial sizes so that you can experiment. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL and we truly believe you will love our products, but if you are really unhappy, please let us know. We want you to have a positive experience and will work with you if you are not pleased with your purchase.
  • What if a product arrives damaged?
    We try our best to pack our products carefully so that they are protected during the shipping process, however, once it is shipped it is hard to know how carefully it is handled. If you receive a product that is damaged, please contact our office so that we can remedy the situation. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GOAL. Contact us during business hours by phone at (678) 745-5542 or send us an email at (If possible can you make it so when they click on a link to generate an email?)
  • What if my product melts in warm weather?
    We do not use synthetic stabilizers or waxes, so our delicate natural products packaged in glass jars and metal tins are sensitive to temperature changes. While shipping during warm weather seasons presents a real challenge to our natural skin care company, we accept the challenge in order to maintain our standard of natural and nourishing skin care. We hope you agree. During warm weather, products may soften or even melt as they sit in warm mail trucks, mailboxes, or on front porches. The quality and healing properties of our products are not affected by melting. (This needs to be emphasized) On sunny or warm days, BEFORE opening the jars or tins, place the items in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow them to harden, just in case they have melted in transit. If you open items, especially those in tins, to check if melting has occurred, they may spill and make a mess!
  • Whipped Body Butters & Sugar Scrubs
    Whipped Body Butters: Our hand-whipped process adds tiny air bubbles that increase the volume, just like whipping cream. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles collapse and the volume is decreased. So, although the jar was filled to the top initially, there will be less volume in the container (since it has deflated) and the container may actually look half full. After cooling, a melted Whipped Butter will be the consistency of a balm and is still a great moisturizer. If a Sugar Scrub melts, the oil may separate out a bit. Place it in the refrigerator. As it begins to harden up--give it a stir and place it back in the refrigerator. Once it's solidified and mixed it will be great to use! What is most important is that neither the healing properties of the product nor the usability will be affected by the melting. (This needs to be emphasized)
  • Is there an expiration date?
    We hand blend all of our own products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection. Our products are not made to sit on store shelves for years and years. Although there are natural preservatives within the chemical structure of natural ingredients, they are nowhere near as potent as the synthetic preservatives used in commercial products to prolong shelf-life. Other than soap, our products are remade every few weeks and none are very old when they are sold. Our products, other than soap, should be opened within 6 months of purchase. Since we use no preservatives or chemical stabilizers, the more important question is, "how long will the product last once it has been opened? Once opened, skin care products become exposed to dirt and microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, and molds) that are found in the air and on the skin. As soon as you open and begin to use any product, simply the way in which you use it will affect its lifespan. There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of a product. If a product is discolored, has an unpleasant smell or looks odd, the product should not be used and should be discarded. Each time you place your warm fingers into a tin or jar, you melt some of the butter which can change the consistency of the product. Fingers also introduce bacteria and other contaminants into the product. If a product has not been stored properly, for example, if the lid has been left off for long periods of time, the product may ‘go off’ before the period after opening has passed. As scented products age, some of the natural essential oil scent may be lost. Pure essential oils just do not have the staying power of synthetic fragrance oils. Over time, natural colors may also fade!
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