What is Pure Obsidian?


Founded by Keyontha Bowman, Pure Obsidian is an online seller of all-natural skin care products. The name 'Pure Obsidian' came to Keyontha as she searched for something that stood for growth, refreshed and renewed.


The obsidian crystal stone is a volcanic glass that is formed when molten lava has cooled quickly. It is said that the properties of the crystal are known for stabilizing and grounding effects, making it an excellent for reigning in scattered energies and restoring harmony helping you to take on the day with renewed confidence. This beautiful black crystal is a bodyguard to your soul and helps protect you from shadow traits like fear, anxiety and anger.


That is exactly what our soaps and body butters do! They cleanse your body leaving you refreshed and renewed all while releasing the stress, anxiety and fear that has attached to you throughout the day.



The Founder


Keyontha Bowman is a daughter, sister, wife and mother of 4 plus a bonus child and a furry baby.

Pure Obsidian was started while searching for a hobby to keep my anxiety down. She wanted to do something that would help her to control her emotions (She's a Leo). Keyontha started doing yoga and meditating but it was not doing the job. She needed something to keep her spirits high and that nasty anxiety demon low.


Keyontha's wife is a massage therapist and had recently started making her own massage oils and foot soaks and Keyontha would look on giving her 2 cents about what she could do differently and wanted to get in there and do something herself. So she looked into making her own soap. Keyontha used her family and co-workers as her guinea pigs whenever she made a new creation and was told that she should try to sell them. So she listened and Pure Obsidian LLC was created.

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